In 2015 I took a contract advising the Egyptian National Institute of Standards in Giza. Cairo had just gone through the Arab Spring, the miliatary take over and the Russian airliner disaster. There were no tourists and the tension on the streets was obvious. I stayed in the Mena House Hotel, a five-star palace adjacent to the Pyramids surrounded by three security rings of armed guards. Some days, I felt I was the only guest.

The Mena House Hotel. The view from my room.


No caption needed. I didn’t see another Western tourist all day.


The kids were delighted to meet a Westerner.


There were bus loads of Chinese tourists

A few years and this young girl wil vanish beking the burka like her Mother

Desperately hustling for business


Up close, the Pyramids are massive

The cop asked me for money


Giza. A poor area of Cairo. Garbage everywhere. Sheep wandering the streets, eating garbage. Kids playing, in the garbage.

Kids and a wrecked car.


On the way home from School


Urban wasteland


Kids playing in the street


Beggar on the main street in Giza.


Donkey carts are a common sight in Giza


Armed police on the main street in Giza


The outer security perimiter of the Mena House Hotel.