Night time is the best time for Photography.

The back streets of Boston’s North End

More and more, I find my camera sits on the shelf when the sun is shining. It only comes out to play when the sun sets and the street lights come on. Night photography is challenging – but rewarding. I love the colours, the sense of drama and the thrill of discovery. I started in Perth – because it is hardly the most exciting coty ob the planet. But darkness and a good rain shower transforms the place. But my real epiphany came during my time working in Tbilisi, Georgia. Most of the photographs on this site are taken using my Olympus OMD EM1mk2 camera. Many photographers believe that small sensor camera’s like this are not good for low-light work. The prevailing wisdom is that you need to lug around an (expensive and heavy) full frame camera with an awkward and clumsy tripod. I beg to differ. The combination of Olympus wide aperture lenses and in-body-image-stabilization lets me work in almost total darkness. All of the images on this site are hand help – often with exposures of more than one second.