Tokyo People

Tokyo is one of the great places for Street photography. There is just so much going on.

Sanja Matsuri Festival, Asakusa.
Sanja Matsuri
Two workers taking a smoke break at the Tsukiji fish market
Old lady working at the fish market
Crossing the street. Ginza.
Businessman – with a sore toe. Ueno.
Yound lady serving green tea drinks. Okachimachi.
Patiently waiting. Shibuya.
In a hurry. Ginza.
A very rare sight – Geishas in Asakusa, Tokyo.
Workman. Shimbashi.
Fashionista. Harajuku.
“Twins”. Harajuku. Japanese girls like to dress in matching outfits.
Homeless. Ueno Station.
The steps at Ueno Station.