Urban Tokyo

Tokyo. The World’s biggest city. 37 million people. More than 100km end to end. Impressive by day but astonishing after dark. Busy, brightly lit Shibuya. The neon wild lands of Shinjuku. And Asakusa – bustling with tourists by day but quiet and a throwback to an older Tokyo by night.  

Shibuya. The famous scramble crossing. 

The neon canyons of Shibuya

Somida river from the Skytree
From the Skytree
The Cocoon from the Tokyo Metropolitan Centre
Nishi Shinjuku
An office building in Shinjuku.
Ghosts in Kabukicho
Traffic trails in Shinjuku
Piss Alley, Shinjuku
Window reflection. Shinjuku
In the Golden Gai
Waiting for a cab. Shibuya.
The Neon Canyon. Shibuya
Ameyoko market, Ueno
Somewhere between Ueno and Asakusa
A narrow alleyway in Asakusa
Bicycle lady. Ueno.