In 2017 I found myself working on an EU Economic development project in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is an amazing city, sitting at the cross roads of Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. Under the Soviets the old city was neglected. They preferred concrete tower blocks. Now, it is a gloriously decaying gem of a place, full of local character and charm.

Crows flock over the huge cathedral in the centre of Tbilisi.


The classic view of the old city


One of the many Orthodox churches in Tbilisi, some more than 1000 years old.


People take their religion seriously here.


Old and new


Washing lines are everywhere in the old city


Cobbles and laundry.


Neglect and decay.


This house is lived in!


Stone steps and brick houses.




The sulphur baths district


My favourite corner of the old city


My favourite corner -again.


Professional beggars are common. This lady sits in exactly the same spot, outside a shopping mall, every day.


A random street in the old city


One of the beggar ladies outside the big shopping mall


I love these lived-in alleys


A typical street in the old city – crammed with cars.


The houses are built around courtyards


A rare opportunity for a puddle picture


A courtyard, with rickety balconies and wobbly wooden steps.


From the Mtatsminda park – at the top of the funicular.


The Old City from Mtatsminda